Kalamazoo City
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Community Profile

Kalamazoo is a great place to live and work. The area offers great schools, reputable universities, two nationally recognized healthcare systems, affordable housing, many parks, lakes and golf courses. The City of Kalamazoo also offers many of the cultural attractions that you would find in larger metropolitan areas, including art, theatre, dance, music, restaurants and much more.

County Resources

The Kalamazoo Chamber of Commerce and the W.E. Upjohn Institute provide valuable information for those seeking general information about Kalamazoo and the surrounding area.


Education is a priority for the citizens of Kalamazoo. Kalamazoo is home to both Western Michigan University and Kalamazoo College. There are also other great educational opportunities here in Kalamazoo.


Whether you're looking for a home to buy or an apartment to rent, Kalamazoo has it all. Each of the over twenty neighborhoods in Kalamazoo has unique characteristics, which makes Kalamazoo a cool place to live.
The City's GIS service enables you to search our city-wide mapping system for a particular property. You have the option of viewing the city in detail based on a particular address, property identification number (PIN) or by zooming in to an area of interest. Go to GIS now.

Major Employers

To see a list of major employers in the Kalamazoo area, visit the site below.


Kalamazoo has two major healthcare facilities, Bronson and Borgess. Both have received numerous awards in the healthcare industry.


Southwest Michigan First and the US Census QuickFacts provide population data for Kalamazoo and the surrounding area. Information includes projected population growth, race statistics and breakdown of population by age.


The City of Kalamazoo is a haven for those that enjoy the outdoors. Kalamazoo boasts numerous parks, lakes and golf courses.


Kalamazoo has endless options for the sports-minded individual. With professional and college teams, the action is year round.


Kalamazoo provides many resources for those entering the workforce. Whether it is job training or assistance with the job hunt, Kalamazoo has resources available to their citizens.
The US Census QuickFacts and the US Department of Labor provide a quick snapshot of the employment landscape in the Kalamazoo area. Examples of the statistics provided are the current labor force and the unemployment rate.


Kalamazoo is home to many places of worship. Search for Kalamazoo's many places of worship here.