Kalamazoo City
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Vision & Values

Arcadia in winter

Based on the pdf Blueprint for Action , by 2015, Kalamazoo will be a city where residents move easily, by motorized or non-motorized means, between vibrant neighborhoods, including an active downtown that is the focus of important community activities. It will be the regional center of cultural, educational, and economic activity and health care services. And it will have well-established, well-preserved and well-used greenways and open spaces, including neighborhood and community parks that are effectively interconnected by bikeways, pedestrian paths and roads. Diversity will be a virtue and Kalamazoo's vitality will be sustainable with balance among the needs of the environment, the economy and the social needs of its residents.

The City of Kalamazoo established a value system that substantiates its foundation through community interconnectedness. These values include:

  • Belonging - inclusive community building
  • Economic Opportunity & Stability - creating a stable local economy
  • Equity - equal treatment and access to community systems
  • Safety & Security - feeling safe and secure
  • Sense of Community - open communication between government and citizens
  • Shared Leadership - citizen, corporate citizen and government cooperation
  • Striking A Balance - creating a livable and sustainable community

Kalamazoo strives to be the place of abundant opportunity for all its citizens. Our community's vision and values help make Kalamazoo a great place to live and work. We offer reputable schools, colleges and universities, two nationally recognized healthcare systems, diverse housing stock, well-maintained roadways, award winning wastewater treatment plant, safe and secure neighborhoods, accessible parks, lakes and golf courses. The City of Kalamazoo also offers many of the cultural attractions that you would find in larger metropolitan areas, including art, theatre, dance, music, restaurants and much more.