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Mobile Food Vehicles (Food Trucks) are motorized vehicles engaged in the business of cooking, preparing and distributing food or beverage in public and private restricted spaces. Upon issuance of a license from the City Clerk's Office, Food Trucks may temporarily park upon a public street and engage in the service, sale or distribution of ready to eat food for individual portion service to the general public directly from the vehicle. This license is not for vehicles that move from place to place to dispense food and are stationary in the same location for no more than 15 minutes at a time, such as ice cream trucks.

To be considered for a Mobile Food Vendor License, the owner/operator must submit a complete application to the City Clerk's Office, which includes:

  • a completed Application for Mobile Food Vehicle License form
  • copies of all necessary licenses and permits issued by the Kalamazoo County Health Department
  • proof of General Comprehensive Liability insurance with limits of no less than $2 million Combined Single Limit coverage issued by an insurer licensed to do business in this state and which names the City and its agents, officials, and employees as an additional injured
  • proof of Public Liability and Property Damage motor vehicle policy with limits of no less than $1 million issued by an insurer licensed to do business in this State
  • payment of the $500 annual fee

For more information and an application form please view and/or print a  pdf  Food Truck Application Packet .

Click here to view the  pdf  Food Truck Ordinance .

Click here to view the  pdf  Commercial and Manufacturing Zoning Map . 

Mobile food vehicles shall not be parked within 150 feet of an existing, brick and mortar restaurant during the hours when such restaurant is open to the public for business. Click here to view the  pdf  Food Truck Downtown Restaurant Map .