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Code Compliance Program:

The Code Compliance Program was developed in 2012 to consolidate Anti-Blight Program activities associated with inspections and enforcement of dangerous or hazardous structures with other elements of property blight enforcement. The Code Compliance Staff conducts inspections and enforcement of dangerous structures or dilapidated structures, structures found open to casual entry, trash and junk on private property, curb lawn trash, zoning violations, tall grass/weeds, and graffiti.

The Code Compliance Staff applies various enforcement techniques to encourage owners of such properties to promptly repair the building, abate the nuisance cited, or correct zoning violations. In the case of vacant and blighted residential structures, the City has a vacant & abandoned structure registration and monitoring program set forth under Chapter 9, Article VIII, of Kalamazoo Code of Ordinances.

Dilapidated or dangerous structures that remain in noncompliance may referred to the Dangerous Buildings Board (Chapter 9, Article VII), especially if the deterioration of a building is severe or the building presents a hazard or danger to the community. The Building Board of Appeals may authorize the City to enter and abate the violations either via repair or demolition. 

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