Kalamazoo City
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Property Information & Utility, Tax, and Miscellaneous Billing

BS & A Software maintains a database of all city properties for the City of Kalamazoo. This database contains assessed and market value, the year built, square footage, legal description, land parcel size, and previous owners of all homes and buildings in the City. You can also use this database to view utility, tax and miscellaneous invoices. 

Property Search, Tax Billing, Utility Billing, Invoicing, and Rental Information Database

Please note: The City of Kalamazoo assumes no legal liability for the information contained on this site. This information is generally current, but users may wish to verify the information with the public primary sources. For verification of:

Assessment information, please contact the Assessor's Office at (269) 337-8011

Zoning information, please call the Community Planning & Development Department at (269) 337-8044

Tax or Invoice information, please call the Treasury Division at (269) 337-8036

Utility Bill data, please call the City of Kalamazoo Public Services Customer Service at (269) 337-8809

Rental Registration information, please call the Code Administration Division at (269) 337-8026