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Cross Connections

As a City of Kalamazoo drinking water supply customer, you can help ensure that the water you are drinking within your home and business remains safe by preventing any cross-connections with the City of Kalamazoo's water supply and/or ensuring that all backflow prevention devices are installed, inspected and properly maintained by licensed and certified plumbers as required by state and local plumbing codes.

Cross-connections are arrangements of piping or appurtenances through which a backflow of undesirable material could enter the potable (drinking) water system. The undesirable material may come from sources connected to your own home or facility's internal or external plumbing. A backsiphonage backflow can be created in an area where a sudden loss of pressure in the water system occurs due to a water main break, a fire department using large quantities of water or during hydrant flushing. Buildings near the break or fire hydrant will experience a lowering of the water pressure; this is the time a backsiphonage could occur. If any of these conditions with sudden losses of pressure occur in your area, you should thoroughly flush your lines after the low-pressure condition ceases before using the water. Flushing your taps will help to alleviate potential undesirable material along with iron particles that will be present after a main break or hydrant flushing.

We ask all our customers:

  • Help protect our water by preventing cross-connections from occurring by installing proper backflow devices within your homes and businesses.
  • Never submerge hoses in buckets, pools, tubs, sinks or process tanks.
  • Do not use spray attachments without a backflow prevention device. The chemicals used on your lawn are toxic and can be fatal if ingested.
  • Do buy and install inexpensive backflow prevention devises (hose bib vacuum breakers) for all threaded faucets around you home or business. They are available at hardware stores and home-improvement centers.
  • Never install sprinkler systems, fire suppression systems, or boilers with chemical additives without proper backflow prevention devices.
  • Ensure that your softener drain line has an air gap between the drain line and the receiving drain.

Please notify us immediately at 337-8149, if you notice any unusual activity or persons around city water facilities, wells, tanks, and fire hydrants.

If you would like additional information about cross-connections, please call the Senior Environmental Services Supervisor at 337-8365.

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