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Welcome to the City of Kalamazoo Public Services Department.  This Department is responsible for water, sewer, recycling, road construction, road closures and street services.  Public Services is dedicated to providing Kalamazoo residents with superior public services. 


This unit provides leadership, budgetary, accounting, administrative, safety compliance and public relations support for the Public Services Area.

Cemeteries and Genealogy

The City oversees two (2) cemeteries, Mountain Home Cemetery on West Main and Riverside Cemetery located at the corner of Gull Road and Riverview Drive.  It is our hope that visitors enjoy the peace and beauty of our landscape as you take a moment for remembrance and reflection, or come to learn of those who have gone before us.  In order to assist in this endeavor, information and maps are available for your use.

Engineering Division

Engineering strives to provide superior, quality engineering services to the public, Public Services Department, and other City Departments in an effective, efficient and timely manner.

Environmental Services Division

Environmental Services is responsible for maintaining compliance and create a culture of environmental stewardship through proactive collaboration in regulatory oversight and support; program development and administration; and public outreach/education.

Field Services Division

Field Services is the combination of field-oriented maintenance and operational divisions from across the organization. They are responsible for signs, street maintenance including potholes, paving and snow removal, forestry, hydrant flushing, fall leaves management, all water, wastewater, and storm water distribution and collection.

Fleet Services Division

Fleet Services is responsible for all City fleet services including fuel procurement and management and procurement, sale, maintenance, and repair of the City's vehicles including Public Safety, specialized equipment including fire vehicles along with the repairs, renovations, preventive maintenance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Public Services compiled a list of customer frequently asked questions and answers.

Residential Services (including seasonal services)

The City of Kalamazoo has several services available to its residents, inclusive of Weekly Recycling, Quarterly Bulk Trash Removal, Monthly Brush Removal (May-October), Leaf Pick Up Services, along with information regarding Yard Waste and Tree Management, and Holiday Tree Removal.

pdf Title VI

The City of Kalamazoo respects the diversity that exists in our community and has established policies and procedures to prevent discrimination in contracting, recruitment and selection of employees, and in outreach to minority and women owned businesses.  The City has adopted an equal Employment Opportunity policy to prohibit discrimination and Purchasing Policy 70.3 (Vendor Outreach and Inclusion) was adopted to prevent discrimination by ensuring fairness in sub-contracting and methods in which we recruit disadvantaged and women and minority businesses.  City employees are periodically trained on Title VI, ADA, EEO and Purchasing Polices to ensure that we prevent discrimination.  The Kalamazoo Area Transportation Study of which the City is a member has a very extensive Public Participation Plan to address outreach to the public and the solicitation of their involvement can be obtained from the City. 

Wastewater Division

Wastewater is responsible for the effective collection, treatment and environmentally acceptable discharge of the wastewater generated by the Kalamazoo community, including the operation and maintenance of the City's Wastewater Treatment Plant;  60 sewage lift stations; and laboratory testing services.

Water Division

Water is responsible for processing and supplying safe drinking water for the citizens of Kalamazoo by operation of the treatment plant;   16 pumping stations;  18.8 million gallons of storage capacity; and laboratory testing services.

pdf Department of Public Services Lead and Copper Report (9.74 MB)


For more information about the Public Services Department, call the number listed under the appropriate division or send us an email at: cokpublicservices@kalamazoocity.org.