Kalamazoo City
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Requesting a Proclamation

Proclamations are issued by the Mayor to honor and celebrate events, recognize achievements, or increase public awareness of noteworthy causes. Requests are reviewed on a case-by-case basis and are honored at the Mayor’s discretion and subject to the City of Kalamazoo guidelines.

  • Proclamations may recognize a day, week or month.
  • Proclamations for the benefit of specific for-profit organizations or policy organizations may not be issued.
  • Proclamations for anniversaries, weddings, birthdays or retirements will not normally be issued except in extraordinary circumstances such as a 100th birthday or 75th anniversary.
  • Requests must be made on an annual basis. Proclamations will not be automatically renewed.
  • Multiple requests from the same organization will be considered but may not be honored in the same calendar year.
  • Requests that are similar to proclamations that have already been issued may be denied.

pdf  Proclamation Sample