Kalamazoo City
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Kalamazoo Residents

Kalamazoo is home to 74,352 residents (2011). Residents include an interesting mix of college students, families (some with children that may take advantage of the Kalamazoo Promise), artists, and business owners and employees.

We have four higher education learning institutions which offer a combined student enrollment of over 50,000 students.  Kalamazoo hosts numerous events and activities to keep life entertaining for all those students (and students of life). We have much to offer in the way of our parks, dining, entertainment, shopping, employment, and neighborhoods.

Bronson is a large employer comprising of over 7,000 employees. Kalamazoo is also home to many smaller companies that add to the uniqueness and diversity of the business community.  Many of these employees and employers choose to call Kalamazoo their home.

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