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City Brush Pick Up/April Spring Clean Up

Special April Spring Clean Up

The City of Kalamazoo will be offering a Spring clean up in April on the particular day scheduled for your (section of) street. (See links below for the Brush Schedule or Map.)

YES: As part of this special pick-up, residents will be permitted to place residual leaves from the fall, yard waste, brush (cut or broken branches), twigs and other trimmings no longer than four feet in length and two inches in diameter in biodegradable bags, open cardboard boxes or bundled with binder twine.

NO: Loose piles of limbs, branches, brush and trimmings will not be collected! No grass clippings, dirt, soil, rocks, stones, bricks, concrete or construction or demolition debris of any type will be collected and may be subject to immediate corrective action and will result in a fine.

Please note, regular brush program restrictions (noted below) will resume in May.

For a quick comparison of all Curbside Pick ups, please see Curbside Programs at a Glance.

Brush Pick Up AcceptableAndNonBrush            

Crews will collect brush (cut or broken branches) each month from May through October on the particular day scheduled for your (section of) street.  Please see the Brush Schedule and pdf  Brush Map  to find your pick up day.  Use the guidelines below when putting brush out for collection:

  • Brush must be either bundled with twine (no metal), placed in open boxes or placed in biodegradable brown paper waste bags.
    Brush in plastic bags will not be collected.
  • Brush must be no larger than 4 feet long or 2 inches in diameter.
  • Keep brush separate from bulk trash items.
  • Brush mixed with grass clippings, leaves, or any other yard waste will NOT be accepted.  For suggestions on how to manage other yard waste, please see below.


For questions about brush collection or to report a missed pick up, please call 337-8215.

For a quick comparison of all Curbside Pick ups, please see Curbside Programs at a Glance.

Help Keep Our City Clean: Avoid Code Enforcement Action

Bulk trash, garbage containers, recycling bins, recycling materials, or brush left or placed on the curb lawn outside of the designated time for collection could result in you being charged for the cost of its removal. Garbage containers (Herby Curby containers or recycling bins) may be placed at the curb "no earlier than 8:00 p.m. on the day prior to the scheduled collection, and these containers must be removed from the curbside (or street side if there is no curb) not later than 11:00 p.m. of the collection day." (Kalamazoo City Code of Ordinances, 15A-2(a))

Solid Waste (quarterly trash or seasonal brush) deposited for public collection "shall not be deposited earlier than 7:00 a.m. of the day preceding the day of regularly scheduled monthly collection for the district in which such solid waste is deposited." (Kalamazoo Code of Ordinances, 31-21). Any solid waste, "which is not, for any reason, collected by the city or its authorized contractor on the day on which collection is actually performed in the district in which the solid waste is deposited, shall be removed from public view within two(2) days following completion of the regularly scheduled monthly collection for that district." (Section 31-22).

Violations of the above types can result in immediate corrective action being taken by the City without prior notice, with the expense for the corrective action being billed to the property owner of record. (Section 22-4(f)). To report curb lawn violations, you may call Inspection Services at 337-8221. Questions or concerns regarding the City's monthly trash and recycling programs should be directed to 337-8215.

Private Drop Off Sites

The following sites accept yard waste for a fee:

Miller Road Transfer Station, 2606 Miller Road, ph. 388-3346

Kalamazoo Landscape Supplies, 5111 S. 9th Street, ph. 375-8000

Mulder's Landscape Supplies, 3333 Ravine Road, ph. 345-6900

Private Pick up Services

Lawn care services (listed in Yellow Pages) and your waste hauling company offer pick up services from April 1-November 30 for a fee:

Best Way Disposal, 388-3300

Republic Waste Services, 1-877-268-3867

Waste Management, 382-1081


Mulching is a useful way to use bagged grass clippings. Spreading a one-inch layer of grass clippings, wood chips or other materials over exposed soil, deters weed growth, feeds nutrients to the soil, and retains even soil moisture.


iconList of Michigan DEQ registered composting facilities


pdf  Guide to Natural Landscaping (841.87 kB)

Natural landscaping can create beautiful and environmentally friendly yards. Natural Landscaping offers many potential environmental benefits, including reduced use of water, herbicides, fertilizers and energy (no need to use a lawn mower). 

Just Say Mow

Use your lawn mower to mulch grass clippings and leaves left from last fall. As golf courses have known for years, mulching grass clippings and leaves back into the lawn does not harm the quality of your turf.