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Bulk Trash Information                                                

The City of Kalamazoo offers a curbside collection of bulk trash.  (For information on the Annual Spring Drop-Off Days for City residents, please click here.)

The   pdf View from the Curb (6.05 MB)  is a bi-annual publication providing important information of services provided to City of Kalamazoo residents including weekly curbside trash and recycling information and maps; recyclable lists; bulk trash and brush information and schedules; and seasonal leaf pick up and flushing schedules. For a quick comparison of all Curbside Pick ups, please see Curbside Programs at a Glance.

Please note: the bulk trash pick up schedule has changed from monthly to quarterly as of September 1, 2016.  The bulk trash pick up will run during the months of March, June, September and December, on your scheduled pick up day.  For 2017, an extra pick up will occur during the month of August, on your scheduled pick up day. The extra pick up may change from year to year.  The four quarterly picks up will remain the same.

To see when your bulk trash pick up is, please see the Bulk-by-Street List or the  pdf Bulk Trash Map .  (If you live on a private street, as indicated on the Bulk-by-Street List, please call the office at 269-337-8215 for further details.)  --If your pick up day falls on any of the holidays listed, the pick up for that day, and each weekday after the holiday within the same week, will be delayed one day (with any holiday-delayed Friday pick up being collected the following Saturday): Independence Day, Labor Day, Christmas Day.

Place items intended for collection at or near the curb lawn no earlier than 6:00 a.m. on the day before the scheduled pick up, and no later than 7:00 a.m. the day of the scheduled pick up.  Please note: All items not picked up, for any reason, must be removed from the curb lawn within two days following the completion of the regularly scheduled pick up for the area.  If items are placed at the curb lawn too soon, or left out on the curb lawn on days other than those allowed for bulk trash collection, the City may take immediate enforcement action, without notice, and bill the associated costs to the property owner.

To report a missed bulk trash collection, please call 269-337-8215 within two business days of the scheduled collection.  A clause in the bulk trash contract requires the contractor to collect all reported misses of eligible materials within 48 hours of notice by the City.  Again, trash that has been allowed to remain on the curb lawn for more than two days after the scheduled collection (and not reported as missed) is considered to be a public nuisance and could be subject to corrective action.


Acceptable Items:

Up to 7.5 cubic yards of bulk trash material (household junk and debris) will be accepted from each residential property each quarter.  Small quantities of carpet will be collected only if cut to sections no larger than 4' x 4' and rolled.

Unacceptable Items:

More than 7.5 cubic yards of household junk and debris; regular household trash, food, small items that could be put in household trash carts, human waste, yard waste, dead animals, tires, large auto parts, rocks, sand, glass, concrete, remodeling/renovation materials, infested items posing a risk to workers (see paragraph below), nor any materials placed in opaque/non-transparent plastic bags.  --Due to potential health risks, items placed in opaque/non-transparent plastic bags will not be accepted.  Smaller bulk items must be placed in open boxes or clear plastic bags.

Getting Rid of Bed Bug Infested Items:



The City has recently seen an increase in bed bug infested items placed at the curbs.  One way bed bugs are likely being transferred from place to place is through infested furniture and discarded objects.  When a bed bug infestation is discovered often the first step people take is to discard belongings.  For disposal through the City bulk trash program, before infested items are set out, they must be securely wrapped (encased) in clear plastic and LABELED as “INFESTED WITH BED BUGS.” We also require the item(s) be made obviously broken or defaced to protect workers, and prevent others from unknowingly collecting and reusing them.  (e.g. slash mattresses and plush furniture, break box spring frames, and label items with the words “bed bugs”.)  The City will NOT take items infested with bed bugs that have not been defaced and securely wrapped in clear plastic.    --Please see the Michigan Manual for the Prevention and Control of Bed Bugs for other helpful information on the topic of Bed Bugs.  Again, for safety of the workers, any plastic wrapping should be clear in color (not white nor any other color.)

Help Keep Our City Clean: Avoid Code Enforcement Action

Quarterly bulk trash, garbage containers, recycling bins, recycling materials, or brush left or placed on the curb lawn outside of the designated time for collection could result in you being charged for the cost of its removal. Garbage containers (Herby Curby containers or recycling bins) may be placed at the curb "no earlier than 8:00 p.m. on the day prior to the scheduled collection, and these containers must be removed from the curbside (or street side if there is no curb) not later than 11:00 p.m. of the collection day." (Kalamazoo City Code of Ordinances, 15A-2(a)).

Solid Waste (quarterly trash or seasonal brush) deposited for public collection "shall not be deposited earlier than 7:00 a.m. of the day preceding the day of regularly scheduled monthly collection for the district in which such solid waste is deposited." (Kalamazoo Code of Ordinances, 31-21). Any solid waste, "which is not, for any reason, collected by the city or its authorized contractor on the day on which collection is actually performed in the district in which the solid waste is deposited, shall be removed from public view within two(2) days following completion of the regularly scheduled monthly collection for that district." (Section 31-22).

Violations of the above types can result in immediate corrective action being taken by the City without prior notice, with the expense for the corrective action being billed to the property owner of record. (Section 22-4(f)). To report curb lawn violations, you may call Inspection Services at 337-8221. Questions or concerns regarding the City's bulk trash and recycling programs should be directed to 337-8215.