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Tree & Brush/Leaf Management

Brush and Leaves 

The City of Kalamazoo offers an April spring clean up for most yard waste, monthly brush collection service from May through October, and a scheduled fall leaf collection. Residents are also able to pick up free wood chips and compost from our East Michigan Avenue site.

At this time, the City of Kalamazoo does not offer any yard waste removal services other than those listed above. If you desire removal of grass clippings, etc., you must contract with a private vendor.

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Tree Management

The Public Services Forestry Division is responsible for most problems associated with City trees (a tree located in the City's right of way, City Park or City owned property). The City's right of way area is normally the grassy area between a sidewalk and the street or, on the streets that have a boulevard, in the middle of the street. Examples of work include:

  • broken or hanging limbs,
  • limbs that have fallen from City trees,
  • City trees that need trimming for clearance over the streets or sidewalks,
  • City trees that are dead or dying,
  • planting new trees in the right of way.

Concerns/Questions should be referred to the Public Services at 337-8731.