Code Enforcement

Kalamazoo's Code Enforcement Program coordinates inspections and enforcement of codes related to dangerous or dilapidated structures, structures open to casual entry, trash or garbage on private property or in the curb lawn, zoning violations, tall grass or weeds, and graffiti. Staff encourage property owners to remain in compliance with city ordinances or promptly address any violations. 

Report a Code Violation

The standards within the International Property Maintenance Code (IPMC), current edition, as published by the International Code Council, are adopted as the residential property maintenance standards of the Housing Code for the City of Kalamazoo. Local addendums to the IPMC are found in Chapter 17-48.

Dilapidated or dangerous structures that remain in violation maybe referred to the Dangerous Buildings Board, especially if the deterioration is severe or poses a danger to the community. The Building Board of Appeals may authorize the City to enter and abate violations via repair or demolition. Vacant or blighted blighted residential structures must be registered pursuant to Chapter 21 Article IV. To register a vacant or blighted building, please complete and return the  pdf Vacant Blighted Structure Registration (81 KB)  form. 

Nuisance violations are enforced from Chapter 21 and also several in Chapter 17-48. Nuisances include junk/debris/trash on private property, illegal storage on porches and decks, tall grass violations, harborage for vermin, brush/dead vegetation piles (outside of managed compost areas), junk automobiles and car parts, unfilled excavations or holes, and graffiti. Code enforcement inspectors respond to complaints and Kalamazoo also takes a proactive approach to code enforcement.  

Reporting violations

  • Curb lawn trash violations or unsightly property can be reported by calling our 24-hour hotline at (269) 337-8221 or by emailing
  • Tall grass and weeds may be reported by calling our 24-hour hotline at (269) 337-8847. Reports of these violations are accepted between May and October. 
  • To report issues with residential or commercial properties, please submit a pdf service request (189 KB) to the Community Planning & Development office by fax to (269) 337-8513 or by email to

Forms & Applications

Please review the Community Planning & Development fee schedule to determine if a fee applies to your request. Forms may be submitted my mail, email, or faxed to (269) 337-8513. All forms must be signed whether or not they are submitted electronically.

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